Types of Video Poker Games

Video Poker

There are many types of video poker available to the gamblers. These include full play games, jacks or better, Bally’s All American, tens or better, bonus poker, deuces wild, double bonus, double double bonus, low pay video poker and progressive online video poker. We shall now go ahead and define these different types of video poker.

Full play video games usually return the maximum variant for a particular game but they are only discernible to keen and experienced players. Jacks or better has payoffs that start with a par of jacks. The Bally’s All American is just but a variation of jacks or better. Tens or better is a modification of the 6/5 jacks or better. Bonus poker is also based on jacks or better though it has a higher payout. Double bonus offers a payout of four aces while double double bonus pays for different four of a kind. In deuces wild, the twos are wild and the theoretical return is 100.8 percent.

Low pay video poker games are those with lower payout to increase the casino’s income. Progressive jackpot games are designed to encourage the gamer to play more because of their low pay though the jackpot is usually theoretical. In casinos, the most common types of video poker are the progressive jackpot and low pay poker games.