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If you’re like me you really enjoy playing online slots games but finding the right place to play is a bit harder. Myself I prefer the Microgaming slots as they offer the best selection and high payouts. Not saying others don’t have decent payouts it is just that I have won the most playing at the Microgaming sites. Just last month I was playing one of slots games and was on a winning streak where I was able to build up credits to bet bigger. Sure enough that is what happened, I hit a 53k win and no it wasn’t even the highest payout on that slot machine. To actually win on casino slots I found it is by better smaller and as my credits build increasing my bet. Eventually I can bet big where the real big payouts happen. So on that day I had started with 500 and I built my credits to over 145k. To be honest no I did not cash out at 145k I did wager some back but I did withdraw a decent amount.

At times when I want to play and don’t want to deposit I enjoy playing the free slots games, which is just simply logging in as a guest player vs. real player mode. I still have access to all the slots games within the casino with the exception of the progressive jackpot games. For new players they can select the free slots bonuses in order to try out the games for real money but remember the real bonuses come as you are established in the casino. Meaning the longer you stay at one casino the more free money they will give you. Many offer contests now and then, most give money back offers on deposits throughout the month. I found some online casinos try to lure you into joining up at one of their VIP casinos or other casino properties; this is not the best thing to do. As a lot of times these casinos don’t have as many players so you don’t win as often. My advice is find a casino you like and stick with it for your best odds on winning playing the slots games. Don’t get tricked into joining others just because they are going to give you a special bonus to join.